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DJnaught 2/28/2015 11:26 PM
Love you, bisches. Hope you're all doing well.
Arcanus D 2/7/2015 3:25 PM
Miss you Amer.. *hugs* Coco!
Ssrien 12/27/2014 2:52 PM
I got a stomach bug for Christmas ><
Shashonaa 12/26/2014 10:54 PM
Happy Holidays Kids
Abigayle1 12/25/2014 2:29 PM
Merry Christmas!
Arcanus D 12/24/2014 11:24 AM
Alas these hollowed halls be empty yet the spirit will never die. Merry Christmas Somnium!
Arcanus D 11/27/2014 5:28 PM
Happy turkey day Somnium brethren!!
Arcanus D 11/13/2014 11:17 PM
Another wow expac has hit. I read up on it. They have made so many changes dumbing the game down so much. Its just heartbreaking...
Ssrien 10/17/2014 9:53 PM
Yep! Shame. Miss her.
DJnaught 10/6/2014 10:51 PM
So what's up? The Big L go MIA?
Arcanus D 10/6/2014 1:06 PM
Hai hai Coco!
Shashonaa 10/6/2014 1:08 AM
naught :p
DJnaught 10/4/2014 6:18 PM
you know, if laney and coco werent in fucking hiding still. :P
DJnaught 10/4/2014 6:18 PM
You know... There are REAL social networking sites we could use to all keep in touch
Arcanus D 9/25/2014 5:39 AM
I haven't been playing much of anything on my PC really thirty minutes here or there tops. I have been playing a lot of Dragons Dogma on my ps3 tho. I am waiting fro Dragon Age: Inquisition XD
Basil 9/25/2014 3:08 AM
I've been enjoying GW2 again and playing a bunch of DOTA2 in my free time
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