GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.
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Arcanus D 11/13/2015 1:12 AM
It is the end of an era for sure.
Ssrien 11/11/2015 2:26 PM
Goodbye guildportal!
Ulton 10/16/2015 7:56 PM
Our little Abi got married? Congrats!
Arcanus D 10/6/2015 9:41 AM
Im not sure. Guildportal seems down more often than not these days.
Abigayle1 9/30/2015 10:45 PM
So, are we killing hogger? Also, got married and stuff
Arcanus D 8/31/2015 4:07 PM
Thank you!! How ya doing??
Shashonaa 8/30/2015 10:55 PM
i approved access
Arcanus D 7/31/2015 3:48 PM
Sash you out there?
Arcanus D 6/17/2015 3:42 PM
Abigayle1 6/17/2015 12:16 PM
Down for it
DJnaught 6/11/2015 7:47 PM
I'm not dead yet, motha-fuckahs! ;D
Arcanus D 6/11/2015 3:36 PM
Woot that's one!
Ulton 6/10/2015 9:47 PM
I'm in, Herb.
Arcanus D 6/7/2015 1:44 PM
Ive been thinking we need to have a reunion. How's a swarm of lvl one Somnium alumni taking on Hogger?
Ssrien 5/16/2015 9:18 PM
Still here. Lucas is getting so big.
Abigayle1 5/14/2015 7:31 PM
yep, still here :)
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